About the website

Hey, thanks for giving this website a visit! This website "aims" to serve as an escapade from boredom by providing you a wide array of options to choose from - blog posts, youtube playlists and podcasts. Thanks to some technical glitch, 99% of the earlier content has been lost. Yes, this means the website is still under construction and much remains to be done. Sigh!

Our Story

We have just started out. And we do have some goals. Stay tuned for more details!

Meet the Team

We believe in work. But most importantly, we believe in letting creativity flow. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to be a part of the team or would like to add any content!


Ritu Raj Baruah


Pursuing MBA at IIM Lucknow (2018-20)
Previous work experience: PwC- Healthcare Consulting & TCS- IT

Loves to indulge in food, travelling, blogging and a host of other things.



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