If India was actually a school, which type of kid would each state be?

DISCLAIMER: The below post is a casual ‘read’ and is not meant to hurt anyone/any state/any religious group's sentiments.

@Andhra Pradesh: This kid is good at coding. Always dares Bangalore for a coding competition, but loses. But, he might be the 1st at 'coding' in the future. When he doesn't do his homework, he chants the name of Tirupathi before going to school.

@Karnataka: He is absolutely cool and is friends with everyone. He is the undisputed champion of coding and goes to the coolest pubs at midnight to chill and relax.

@Tamil Nadu: He too is good at coding. He loves bull-fights and supports 'Jallikattu'. He doesn't know Hindi, but loves Hindi songs. He is exceptionally well-behaved and tries his best to retain the age-old values and principles that has been passed on to him by his parents.

@Bihar: His only aim in life is to be an IAS officer. He doesn't love coding much. His father is an IRS officer and his grandfather is a retired IFS officer.

@Kerala: She is beautiful, has got grace and loves hill-stations.She has a fetish for gold and has got lots of it with her. You name it, she has got it- golden bracelets, golden necklaces, golden ear-rings, golden chain and God knows what. She is good at every subject and knows almost every subject under the sun.

@Arunachal Pradesh: She loves her school very much. She is often bullied by a student whose name is 'China'. China studies in another nearby school and he has got a huge crush on her. She often complains her school administrators about China.

@Assam: This kid is the leader of the wolf-pack or rock band (whatever you call it) called 'NE' and he gets high after having ’n’ shots of Tea. He loves Bihu dance and never forgets to take leave from school on the occasion of Bihu. He has been showing continuous improvement in his studies and has earned the attention of the administrators.

@Chhattisgarh: He is one of the new kids in the class and has got a lot of talent. If he strives hard, he can surely excel in any subject.

@Goa: This kid is loved by all. He throws parties at his home and gets drunk almost every night. He has a rich store of weed and wine, and he takes great pride in it. Apart from Hindi and English, he knows a little bit of French as well. When he gets sad and high after boozing, he speaks French.

@Tripura: He loves skipping classes and actually, bunks most of them. The administrators are keeping an eye on him, but he doesn't know that. He loves football and music. He is the man with the Casio in the 'NE' band.

@Uttarakhand: He is fond of hill-stations, music and cricket. He is progressing well in his studies and can be a class topper some day.

@Uttar Pradesh: He is the guy who bullies everyone in the class. He creates the most noise in the class and utters a foul word in every other sentence that he speaks.Like MP, he too sits in the middle of the class. He takes great pride in hurling abuses and lashing out foul words at his unfortunate victims. Some girls like him for his dominant personality. MP is his sister.

@West Bengal: She is very good at arguments and has been a gold-medalist in all the inter-school and school debates that she has participated so far. She loves fish and swears by it. She loves football and cricket. She is the captain of the all women's football team.

@Gujarat: He has an innate talent in business. His father's firm makes a lot of money. He comes to school just for fun. He has already made up his mind regarding what business he would take up after high school. He loves ‘dhokla’ and swears by it.

@Haryana: She is very beautiful and all the boys of the class have tried to woo her. She is very good at sports and she rarely gives away the gold medal to anyone in wrestling and boxing.

@Himachal Pradesh: She is calm, beautiful and she loves apple. She loves hill-stations and has got lots of them nearby her home.

@Jammu and Kashmir: She is the most beautiful girl in the class. A neighboring school boy named Pakistan tries to woo her daily, but she has not fallen for him so far. She has suffered from a lot of personal struggles in the recent past.

@Jharkhand: One of the newbies in the class, Jharkhand is almost at par with Assam in studies. Jharkhand knows a lot of foul words, but prefers not to speak them. Jharkhand loves both football and cricket.

@Madhya Pradesh: Her brother is Uttar Pradesh. She always sits in the middle of the class and loves watching "the Jungle book" TV show.

@Maharashtra: She is very rich and bold. Her grandfather was a great freedom fighter. She loves Bollywood and gets weak on her heels when she is served "Pav Bhaaji". Her house shelters some poor people. Like Gujarat, she too is not fond of studies and has plans of setting up a business firm near her house after her high school is over.

@Manipur: She is good at boxing and the whole class knows that. She is the vice-captain of the women’s football team as well. She is one of the prominent members of the band 'NE'. She is the lead guitarist in the band.

@Meghalaya: She is the vice-captain of the wolf-pack called 'NE'. She can literally play all forms of music. She can sing, dance, drum ...basically, she is a know-it-all kind of 'gal' in the band 'NE'. If Assam goes home for Bihu, Meghalaya takes charge of the band 'NE'. She is good at sports too and loves partying and clubbing.

@Mizoram: He is a part of the band 'NE' and he knows stuff, but prefers to keep quiet. He plays the saxophone in the band 'NE'.

@Nagaland: He loves the book 'The Secret of the Nagas'. He plays football in his pass-time and is very good at it. He is the drummer in the band 'NE'.

@Odhisa: He is a great cook. He prepares his lunch by himself, but he never gets to eat it at school. He is fond of music, cricket and good food of course.

@Punjab: He has been sporting a beard and a mustache since Class III. He has never shaved in his life. His bearded look and husky voice is loved by the girls in the class. He doesn't like studies. In free time, he does gardening and 'weed' and ‘wine’. He is brutally honest and doesn't think much before doing stuffs. That gets him into trouble sometimes, but then, he never gives a damn about that.

@Rajasthan: She belongs to a royal family. She often asks for 'drinking water' in the class. Camel is her favorite animal and she is fond of 'Cactus'. She is rich and has plans to open up a business firm right after high school. She has got a 'never-give-up' attitude and gives her 100% on anything that she is passionate about.

@Sikkim: A newbie in the class, Sikkim is gorgeous, always-in-fashion and she has already got lots of proposals from some guys in the class. She loves noodles.She is an intern in the 'NE' band and she is learning fast.

@Telangana: She is new to the class and makes a lot of complaints in the class. She can turn out to be a 'whiz-kid' if she studies well. She has got the ‘potential’. She has an inherent aptitude for coding. In fact, she was born with programming skills (a reference has been made to Hyderabad here).


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