What is one psychological trick that one can apply to most people effortlessly?

(Author - Rohan Khandelwal )

Want a girl go crazy for you on the first date itself?

Do this.

You: So, tell me something about yourself.

She: okay, starts talking……….

Listen to her carefully for the first five minutes and pick up any point and ask her to deliberate on that in a very specific fashion. For example.

She: So, my friend Nina.

You: Nina?

She: Yeah, she is my bestie.

You: Ohh, so tell me something about your friendship with her.

She: Nah, you will get bored.

You: Me? Getting bored from you! Man, I was thinking how one can get bored from you. You are such an interesting person. Come on, I want to know about your friendship!(say all this will enthusiasm).

Now, you will see the effect of what you said. She will get so much excited to tell you about all you asked. Now you don't need to do anything. Just sit back, relax and listen to her.

Now, the qualities that you have exhibited that will make me almost fall for you on the first date itself are.

A. You asked her about her life. Girls always prefer boys who take interest in them.

B. You praised her and called her interesting. Girls love compliments to death!

C. You patiently listened to what she said after the compliments. Girls love good listeners.

She will be psychologically attached to you after that. Now, if you want to put the final nail in the coffin, do this.

You: Wow, that was so beautiful what you told me. I also have this best friend and we have done some of the most crazy stuff together.

She: Alright. Tell me that.

Now you will just say this.

You: I will tell you on our second date.

She: Ohh, I love your confidence in thinking that there will be a second date.

You: Well, yes I do! Don't you?

And you are sorted after that. You not only created a mystery while a girl likes but also showed your charm and confidence to her.

Was there much effort involved in all this?

Nope! Not at all. Everything just went on so smoothly. Easy peasy!

Rohan 🙂


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